Exceptional beach towel for everyday use is our promise to you

Innovative sand free material helps you keeping your bag, car and home send free. The time when you had to hover your car and sweep your place every time after coming from the beach is gone. And because of our love of nature and sustainability, Ocean Towel uses recycled materials as much as possible.

The towel absorbs extra amount of water, dries super fast and is big enough to be the best beach company. But when folded, it doesn't take almost any space in your bag and thanks to its lightweight material you won't even know you are carrying it. And yeah, carry-on bag is sorted as well. You can always be ready to go to the beach wherever you travel around the world :)

Our Story

Est. 2022

It all started at Maroubra Beach in Sydney in Australia about middle of 2021. Being in the ocean and on the sand every day towel has become one of the most used "clothing" pieces.
I have been looking online and in local stores for a beach towel that would meet my needs of everyday use towel that is large on the beach, small in the bag, easy to carry, dries quickly, doesn't hold sand looks good and is environment friendly.

Sounds probably too picky, right? Correct that's what I've discovered soon too. It has not been a big deal to find a towel that meets one, two or sometimes even three of my criteria but that just has not been enough.

So there has been an option to cut off some requirements and get a conventional towel but that has not been a way I wanted to go.
I've decided to try to make a new unique towel that would meet all my requirements of the best beach towel. After doing some research and testing samples and different products I've found couple of products that more less have met some of my requirements.

The next task was put all that together and create something unique which has actually happened after couple of tries and we have passed the first step getting a perfect material, shape and size.
Then design. The goal has been original, modern, eye-catchy and not disturbing pattern which we hope we've succeeded as well.

Part three, actually useful bag. I love sustainability so having a bag that would be used only once for the new towel and never more would be an unacceptable waste. Therefore I created the design matching drawstring bag with mesh bottom for better ventilation.

When Ocean Towel was born I though why to have it just for myself and not to share such a great product with my friends. So I have tried give it as a gift to couple of my best friends and that's where actually the big Ocean Towel project started. As my friends have loved the towel there has been a demand for more from their friends and so on and we have begin building an Ocean Towel family. And to make it easier for everyone we have build one online store and here you are now. So thank you for coming and being part of this amazing story.

I can do all my favourite activities thanks to the beach and ocean so that is why the name of the towel. But I have though there might be something that the brand can give back. And as I already have another brands Sockies that supports wildlife, animal rescues and shelters through HELP2PAWS and T-bottle that supports ocean life through DROP4OCEAN, the obvious choice was to join these amazing programs with Ocean Towel too. What that means? From now not only every T-bottle purchase gives money for ocean and ocean life support and the same happens after every Ocean Towel purchase.


Our Vision

We want to be pushing our standards higher and be improving our product. Our current goal is to increase the percentage of recycled materials we use to product the towel as much as possible and ideally to 100%.

Time with Ocean Towel
June 2021

Idea of sand free beach towels

January 2022

Ocean Towel brand was born

July 2023

Implementing anti-odour feature to all our new products

October 2023

Our product family is expanding and we are adding beach ponchos, gym towels, yoga towels and dog towels

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Design Quality

I'm a beach bum so I spend my summers on the beach. I've been trying many towels and blankets but then I finally found Ocean Towel. I have to say I love it. Fabulous design, environmental friendly and my car is sand free since then. Try it and you won't be disappointed.

Anne-Marie Huddleston

Design Quality

Ocean Towel is the best beach towel I've ever used. It's big enough, which means we don't have to fight over with my girlfriend but it's foldable to a small bag. The colours are stunning and fit with any of our beach wear. The fabric feels really soft to the touch. I'm so glad I bought this.

Harley Willoughby

Design Quality

I love my Ocean Towel! I bought it a few weeks ago and it is the best beach towel I have ever owned. It's super absorbent and dries quickly, which is great. Plus, it's really soft and feels luxurious to the touch. I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves the beach!

Trisha Beaumont

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